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Loretta, At the Beach 1
Loretta, Under the Big Top
Loretta's View 7
Loretta's View 10
Loretta, At the Beach 3
Loretta, At the Beach 2
Loretta's View 4
Loretta's View 6

oil on wood panel
2007 — 2008

The Loretta Series continues my journey into geometric abstraction. While the network of shapes serve to bridge interior and exterior space, the overt architectural anchors of earlier series have been eliminated. Movement and rhythm are explored with the skewed shapes as they push and pull against each other, either revealing or obscuring deeper space. The development of each painting is a process of discovery, with many modifications to composition and palette until the direction for the image emerges. At times, the palette suggest an association with a past experience or place, leading to revisions to heighten that connection.

The series title is a nod to Loretta P., whose quilts reveal an intuitive sense of form and color that has had a powerful effect on my own work.

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